We have joined forces with Peace is Loud to support Palestinian filmmakers through their expanded pro-bono consulting initiative.

In solidarity with Palestine during Israel’s genocide in Gaza, Peace is Loud is bringing together peers across the film, documentary, and impact sectors to offer pro-bono office hours to Palestinian filmmakers, along with the Peace is Loud Film Impact team.

Serge Bakalian, AFMI‘s Executive Director, is among the film experts volunteering their time. Palestinian filmmakers can schedule a pro-bono call with any of the volunteer experts (depending on availability); these one-hour sessions are an opportunity to talk through ideas and receive advice across a range of filmmaking topics.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Text on a dark blue background reads "Announcing expanded pro-bono consulting for Palestinian filmmakers." There is a yellow border with an illustration of a watermelon slice on the bottom left. 2. Text on a light blue background with a dark blue border reads "This opportunity is open to all Palestinian filmmakers who are seeking advice across different areas of filmmaking, including impact, distribution, accessibility, and more." 3. Text on a medium blue background with a yellow border reads "Choose from those listed in the directory on the Peace is Loud website to schedule your free 1-hour consult for filmmaking advice." 4. Text on a yellow background with a dark blue border reads "Visit peaceisloud.org/PiL4P to book your spot directly with each individual."

You can find a complete list of experts and more details about the initiative on the Peace is Loud website, including the Why behind it. Here’s what the team at Peace is Loud wrote:

Why Palestine?
Peace is Loud is an intersectional feminist organization that amplifies the stories the world needs now. Israeli government officials have made it clear, in both their rhetoric and their actions, that they aim to silence and erase Palestinian voices. Storytellers outside Gaza are being harassed and punished simply for showing support for Palestinian liberation. In times of genocide, storytelling is essential to a people’s survival. It is a means of preserving memory and truth, and asserting one’s very existence. These are the stories we need now.

Read more here. And help spread the word to support and amplify Palestinian voices in film. #PiL4P