We created this guide to provide you with all the information you need to share our partnership and/or support events. In this “Promotional Guide” you will find how to find us on social media, how to refer to AFMI, and how to use our logo in your material.

If you have questions about design, please email


Please refer to AFMI as AFMI or as Arab Film and Media Institute (AFMI).

Social Media

Please tag us on social media when promoting the event(s):

Each year, we use a hashtag for posts related to the Arab Film Festival. It’s AFF[year]. In 2024 the Arab Film Festival hashtag is #AFF2024

Logo Usage + Brand Guidelines

Find our Branding Guide with colors and font types and our logo here.

Please note: we prefer to use the AFMI logo with the black writing. Only use the logo with the white writing if absolutely necessary.
Please leave enough white or clear space around the logo for it to be clearly visible and identifiable.

AFMI - The Arab Film and Media Institute

AFMI logo

Please do not make any of the following changes to the logo:

  • Do not stretch or distort
  • Do not outline
  • Do not use additional or different colors for the logo
  • Do not apply effects such as drop shadow/emboss/etc
  • Do not place at an angle


Serge Bakalian, Executive Director,
Yasmina Tawil, Director of Film Programming,

Thank you!