Palestinian Voices: The Tale of Three Jewels

Palestinian Voices: The Tale of Three Jewels

Arab Cinema ReImagined is the Arab Film and Media Institute’s Virtual Cinema Platform
Until the end of the year, AFMI is curating a series of short and feature films to amplify Palestinian Voices as a resource of information and context on the situation currently unfolding in Palestine.

Yussef is a twelve-year old Palestinian child of the First Intifada. With his father is in prison and his brother a fugitive from the Israeli army, he lives alone with his mother and sister. Though his life is marked by violence, he lives in his imagination, often escaping from the refugee-camp into the Gaza countryside.

While hunting for birds one day, Yussef meets Aida, a young traveler girl who poses a daunting challenge, leading him into a perilous adventure.

This lyrical and moving work was shot in the early months of 1994, while Gaza remained under Israeli military occupation, and was the first feature film ever to be shot entirely in the Gaza Strip.



Nov 14 2023 - Dec 31 2023

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