Taking Back Our Narrative

The Arab Film and Media Institute is proud to be a part of Taking Back Our Narrative, an event at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts presented by Conflux in collaboration with the Arab America Foundation. Taking Back Our Narrative speaks to the fullness and diversity of the Arab American experience, values, and cultural landscape throughout the United States.

The event will take place from February 17-19, 2023.

February 17 – The National Arab Orchestra
8pm at the Eisenhower Theater

Founded in 2009, the National Arab Orchestra, (NAO), a nonprofit, is dedicated to elevating and preserving Arab culture and musical traditions in the United States and beyond through performance, education, outreach, and collaboration. Under the leadership of founder and Music Director Michael Ibrahim, the NAO creates memorable, high-quality musical experiences that keep Arab culture alive and thriving. These concerts bring the beauty of Arab music to entirely new and diverse audiences.

February 18 – Emad Batayeh
6-7pm at the Millennium Stage Grand Foyer

Emad Batayeh is one of the leading Arabic vocalists in the United States. Batayeh is also a musician and producer. Born to a Jordanian family in Detroit, Emad inherited his musical talents from his parents who encouraged him from a young age to pursue music as a career. He became known as a musical genius as a kid. He now performs at Arab American cultural events across the U.S.

February 19 – Extraordinary Cinema by Arab Film and Media Institute
3pm at the Justice Forum

For the Extraordinary Cinema screening, AFMI has. curated a selection of seven standout Arab short films produced in the last 10 years. Including documentaries, dramas, comedies and animated films, this program explores the varied, beautiful and unique Arab and Arab-American experiences on screen. The lineup can be found below:

The Shadows of the Butterflies (2022)
By Sofia El Khyari
Morocco, Arabic, 9 min

Coming Home (2021)
By Naim Naif & Margot Bowman
United States, English/Arabic, 10 min

The Ocean Duck (2021)
By Huda Razzak
United States, English, 6 min

In the Long Run (2022)
By Yousef Assabahi
Yemen, Arabic, 21 min

Ave Maria (2015)
By Basil Khalil
Palestine, Arabic/Hebrew/English, 14 min

Dunya’s Day (2019)
By Raed Alsemari
Saudi Arabia, Arabic, 9 min

Space Woman (2021)
By Hadi Moussally
Lebanon, Arabic, 19 min

For tickets and more information, please visit the Kennedy Center website.


Feb 17 - 19 2023


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