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Palestinian Voices: PEOPLE OF THE LAND

Arab Cinema ReImagined is the Arab Film and Media Institute’s Virtual Cinema Platform
During the month of November, AFMI is curating a series of short and feature films to amplify Palestinian Voices as a resource of information and context on the situation currently unfolding in Palestine.

People of the Land explores the connection the Palestinian people have to land and nature. This collection of short films delves into the ways that occupation affects the environment. Often the actions of an oppressor lead to the destruction of nature, misuse of the land and the limitation of native people’s access to the land that they have been stewards of for generations.
The films not only highlight this in Palestine but also connects this struggle to that of other indigenous communities. Additionally, the films explore the continued connection Palestinian people have to nature, even when they have been forced to leave or are born in the diaspora. Fruit, herbs, trees and even soil hold on to beloved memories and the rich history of their homeland.

The series includes:

  • Wild Plants of Palestine by Alaa Abu Asad
  • Closeness to the Land by Mona Gazala
  • Mariam by Dana Durr
  • Under the Lemon Tree by Noor Al-Asswad
  • Something from there by Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

This program is presented in partnership with Storm Studio.



Oct 27 2023 - Dec 31 2023

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Arab Film and Media Institute (AFMI)

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