Arab Film Series Online — Arab American Shorts Program

Arab Film Series Online — Arab American Shorts Program

Arab American Shorts Program
11 a.m. Pacific Sunday, May 10, 2020
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We are teaming up again with The Arab American National Museum, ArteEast and Cinetopia Film Festival to livestream online Arab shorts. This Mother’s Day, to honor all of the amazing women and mothers in our lives, we are showcasing some of the best short films (all directed by women!) that highlight Arab American women making an impact. Whether standing up for their beliefs, finding their voice or changing the course of history (literally!), these Arab Americans make us proud by sharing their strength, multifaceted lives and passion with the world.

All films in Arabic and/or English with English subtitles. Total runtime: 81 minutes.

Directors Darine Hotait (Like Salt) and Suha Araj (Pioneer High) will appear via Skype for a post-film talkback.

Arab Film Series Online — Arab American Shorts Program

“Salam” (2018) dir. Claire Fowler
United States, United Kingdom / 13 minutes / PG-13

A female Lyft driver navigates the night shift in New York City while waiting to hear life or death news from her family in Syria.

“In White” (2017) dir. Dania Bdeir
Lebanon / 15 minutes / PG-13

Her father’s funeral brings Lara back to Beirut from her modern life in NYC, forcing her to face the traditions she escaped and the nontraditional fiancé she’s been hiding.

“Yalla Habibi” (2018) dir. Nora Hawari
United States / 11 minutes / PG-13
Comedy, Web Series

A story about an unconventional Middle Eastern family running a restaurant; balancing relationships, chasing dreams and trying NOT to burn food.

“Amsterdam to Anatolia” (2019) dir. Susan Youssef
U.S. Premiere!
United States, Netherlands, Palestine, Lebanon / 7 minutes / PG-13

Elissa’s life takes a turn when she meets a mysterious man in her English class and she has to quickly decide between her family and him; where going from family-life to a life on the run is a wild choice to everyone but her.

“Like Salt” (2018) dir. Darine Hotait

United States / 25 minutes

Hala, an Arab American female boxer in New York City, and Kendrick, an African American jazz musician, improvise their way through a passive aggressive America.

“Pioneer High” (2016) dir. Suha Araj

Premiered at AFF2015!

United States / 10 minutes / PG

In 1969, Hala emigrates from Palestine to Michigan and attends a high school that prohibits girls from wearing pants. With her limited English, Hala, an unsuspecting rebel, repeatedly disobeys the rule. A revolution brews as the teacher loses control of his classroom to the new girl’s influence.


May 10 2020


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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