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On Dec 14 and 15, the Aswat Ensemble will present two free concerst in Oakland and Menlo Park, focusing on the themes of unity, resistance, diversity and solidarity.

The concerts are timely and essential, providing an opportunity to bring the various facets of our communities together through the uplifting power of the Music and the Arts,

The project has two main goals :

(1) to showcase the talents, cultural heritage and resilience of the numerous Bay Area communities targeted by racism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrants, xenophobia, sexism,

(2) to express mutual solidarity, to raise awareness of our united power.

In addition to the regular choir, Vukani Mawethu, three Mexican singers (Diana Gameros, Francisco Herrera and Lilian Herrera), two youth singers from the community (Sophia Bouzid and Naya Salah,) and last but not least, Lina del Robles and Cyril Drame. Performances will be sung in Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

The events will be free and accessible to persons with disabilities.

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